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Parent Engagement

Families are included in CHILE Plus in a number of ways since they are the gatekeepers to their children’s nutrition, health, and wellbeing. They are exposed to and involved in the program through:

  • Home visits
  • Nutrition and physical activity materials that are sent home via the teachers or care providers (Take Home Materials)
  • Family events that occur three times a year for about 2-3 hours at the Head Start or child care center
  • Parent meetings

When child care staff conduct home visits at the beginning of the school year, they go over an informational factsheet that explains the CHILE Plus program to families. They also encourage families to live healthy active lives, letting them know that they will be receiving Take Home Materials that include recipes, newsletters, activities, and other information on nutrition and physical activity.

As the children taste fruits and vegetables in the classroom as well as learn new dances, games, and other physical activities, the teachers or child care providers send home recipes, newsletters, as well as purchasing, cooking, and safety tips to parents so that they can follow along. These Take Home Materials are sent home once a week. When parents come to pick up their children, staff speak with them about the material sent home that week, checking in with them to see if they have tried the recipe or physical activity idea and if they have any questions.

Family Events

At family events, parents, families, and caregivers participate in hands-on educational activities on various nutrition and physical activity subjects. There, CHILE Plus team members, Head Start or child care staff, or NMSU extension educators lead the activities through which they help families learn how to choose healthy foods and be more active together. It is also a chance for primary caregivers to ask questions and learn about the nutrition lessons and physical activities that the children are doing in the classroom. Finally, some Head Starts and child care centers incorporate related educational activities into parent meetings.

Constant interaction with family members is crucial to successful delivery of the CHILE Plus program.