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MSC11 6145
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
2703 Frontier Ave NE
Research Incubator Building (RIB) Suite 120

Phone: (505) 272-4462
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Professional Development

The CHILE Plus team provides Professional Development training (PD) four times per year for all Head Start and childcare staff, including teachers, teacher assistants, administrators, and food service staff. Content includes project objectives and goals, nutrition and physical activity recommendations for the public, with emphasis on children ages 3-5 years, CHILE Plus implementation (successes, challenges, food service coordination), and family engagement and education strategies. 

Throughout the professional development sessions, attendees participate in hands-on CHILE Plus activities to facilitate the incorporation of nutrition lessons and physical activities into their daily schedules. Participants engage in activities to encourage family members to try out CHILE Plus recipes and activities at home and attend family events. The CHILE Plus Team offers opportunities for staff to ask questions, share ideas, and report and discuss success stories and challenges that arise within the classroom, at family events, and in the kitchen.

The goal of the distance learning modules is to support effective delivery of the CHILE Plus Nutrition and Physical Activity curriculum through the use of:

  • Media-rich interactions
  • Multisensory e-learning
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Compatibility with Flash, HTML5, and Mobile
  • Interactive online quizzes
  • Tracking and Reporting features 

Module Contents

  • Nutrition Curriculum
  • Physical Activity Curriculum
  • Food Service
  • Family Event

Please check back soon for more information about the online modules as they become available. 

The message board is an online discussion space to allow staff members from different Head Starts and Child Care Centers who implement the CHILE Plus program to exchange ideas, share success stories, and support each other in their efforts to deliver the CHILE Plus curriculum. 

Please click on the CHILE Chat tab on the toolbar above to participate in the message board.