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Prevention Research Center, Division of Prevention & Population Sciences, UNM Department of Pediatrics

MSC11 6145
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
2703 Frontier Ave NE
Research Incubator Building (RIB) Suite 120

Phone: (505) 272-4462
Fax: (505) 272-3955

Education & Training

At the UNM PRC we pride ourselves on being a pipeline and petri dish for professional development, and advancement of knowledge and skills for people at all levels along the research spectrum. We have a variety of different educational and training opportunities at the center. Some are formal internship or mentorship opportunities, some are professional development events for staff and colleagues, and still others are venues for us to exchange knowledge with other public health professionals and students.

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Summits & Conferences

The UNM PRC often hosts, or co-hosts, conferences and summits for our staff and colleagues, both inside the university and beyond. These venues provide opportunities for professional development, networking, and knowledge exchange. 

Rio Grande Institute (RGI)

The University of New Mexico Prevention Research Center (UNM PRC) has been involved in the Rio Grande Institute (RGI) since 2000, with the development, implementation and evaluation of trainings and educational experience for community members, practitioners, and students.   

The Rio Grande Institute sponsors the RGI Noon Conference Series on UNM North Campus and includes: 

Journal Club Series

To serve as a forum through which the UNM PRC’s faculty and staff, and other members of the UNM community keep abreast of new developments in Community Prevention Research. The presentations generate a stimulating, critical, congenial discussion on pressing scientific issues with a goal to expand our prevention research knowledge and skills.

Professional Development Series

To provide an opportunity for faculty and staff, colleagues, and community partners to build capacity for prevention research. Presentations focus on specific topic areas relevant to our goal of expanding our prevention research, knowledge, and skills. Additionally, presentations serve as an opportunity for interaction and mutual learning among researchers and practitioners. 

Research Presentations

To provide an opportunity for faculty and staff, colleagues, and community partners to learn about current interventions, research, and findings in prevention research, community research and other topics of interest to the PRC. Additionally, presentations serve as an opportunity for interaction and networking for future collaboration.  

Internships, Practicums & Student Opportunities

The center has a variety of training opportunities for students at different points in their academic careers, and for those on a range of different academic tracks. We would love to have you join us here if you find one fits your interests.