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This page has a variety of different types of tools, which all provide guidance on obesity prevention efforts from several different projects.

Increasing Physical Activity in New Mexico Communities: Evidence- and Practice-Based Strategies

National recommendations call for regular physical activity (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2008). The Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Preventive Services Task Force) recommends successful community strategies to increase physical activity. Cuba, New Mexico, has applied many of these strategies. The Step Into Cuba program, a nationally recognized model, is under study by the University of New Mexico Prevention Research Center (PRC). 
These five PDF fact sheets (below) share initial findings for New Mexico community use:

Physical Activity Kit (PAK)

Physical Activity Kit (PAK) Staying on the Active Path in Native Communities…A Lifespan Approach promotes physical activities for pre-school age children through older adults while respecting and encouraging American Indian community's individual cultural adaptation of the PAK materials.  

Demonstration Video

PAK Book 1 - Young People

PAK Young People Book #1 contains fun and interactive physical activities for school-age children that can be used in the classroom or group settings. The physical activities include individual, partner and group activities. 

PAK Book 2 - Mt. Pathways Challenge

PAK Mt. Pathways' Challenge Book #2 focuses on participant's progress through five trails with increasing levels of physical activity. 

PAK Book 3 - Modified American Indian Games

PAK Modified American Indian Games Book #3 contains traditional games that have been modified to provide more opportunity for activity while retaining the original nature of the games.

PAK Book 4 - Exercise Breaks

PAK Exercise Breaks Book #4 contains simple and short duration (2-10 minutes) activity breaks that can be done in a small space with no equipment and set-up.

PAK Book 5 - Young Children

PAK Young Children Book #5 contains physical activities and movement for infants, toddlers, and preschool children.

PAK Book 6 - Adult/Family

PAK Book #6 Adults/Family Book contains a variety of physical activities tha can be done as a family. Activities include a community event which evolves around the Great Race as participants learn about the race between the two- and four-legged.


PAK Book 7 - Older Adults

PAK Older Adults Book #7 contains physical activities from the Ats' iis' Baa' a' hwon dzin (English translation - Healthy Body Awareness), which is a physical activity and nutrition education program for Navajo elders.

PAK Book 8 - Resources

PAK Resources Book #8 contains titles, descriptions and web links for physical activities resources.

Staying on the Active Path in Native Communities: A Lifespan Approach

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